Schooltripsandworkshops.co.uk has been developed by Liane and Dave Levine with three key things in mind.

 They are

  • to save teachers time when looking to enhance the curriculum, provide fun and memorable experiences and bring learning to life for their students.
  • to support local businesses share their valuable expertise and knowledge in schools
  • develop a resource that can be trusted and will be the first port of call for teachers.

We have been involved in education for over 20 years. We have been  teachers, governors, advisors, PTA and Family and Friends members and are also parents.  Our 3 children are all under 10 years old.

Our interest and passion in education and seeing that young people have an enjoyable memorable and positive early learning experience has been the drive behind developing and providing the website and associated consultancy services.

Our mission is to create a dynamic and useful website that school teachers and other purchasers of trips and workshops for young people can trust and will view it as the go to place for ideas when planning lessons and topics. This in turn will develop strong and mutually beneficial community links that will ultimately have a positive and memorable impact on young people and their learning.

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We are always looking for innovative and creative ways to continually improve the site and would therefore value any suggestions of feedback you may have as well as any comments you may have about the site. Please do get in touch as this could really benefit the young people we ALL work with!

We aim to become a trusted partner of every school in the area. We want to help them maximise local opportunities and provide memorable experiences for their students. We would really like to work with you and introduce you to over 700 primary schools in North Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford and York.

We strongly believe that schools and local businesses will mutually benefit from working together and the way in which we support this is underpinned by the following key values.

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Relevant
  • Interactive
  • Collaborative

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