An Invitation to Capture the Primary School Nation

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By taking part in this poetry competition your pupils will have lots of fun whilst learning.

Rhyming is fun and a great way to engage children.

Pupils can use one of two topics:- Creatures or Food.

Felicity Fly books all rhyme and have different messages within each book. Felicity Fly addresses fears, Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac, addresses the importance of teamwork and friendship (with sing along song) and Felicity Fly in the Garden, addresses pollination.

There are a number of judges who will be looking for imagination, expression and interpretation of the topics.

Invitation Rhyme

An invitation to write and shine

To take part in Poems & Pictures, Eight Line rhyme

Write about your Favourite Food or Creatures

Rhyming couplets to impress your teachers

A chance to have your work published in the next Felicity Fly

Or a national poetry book, is a good reason to try

Compose your rhyme, have lots of fun

And share your work with everyone

Download the Individual Application Form or the School Application Form

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February 21, 2014


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