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‘Change The World With An Egg Box’ at St Thomas Primary school

It was a real pleasure to be invited to join in the ‘recycling’ work with Year 5 at St Thomas Primary School with the fairandfunky workshop: “Change The World With An Eggbox”. Both classes had completed work on the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle so the workshop consolidated their understanding.

The workshop highlighted the areas in which the students already take their own little steps to change the world: walking to school, growing vegetables, junk modelling, saving energy, not wasting water, buying Fairtrade, re-using shopping bags were just some of the ways Year 5 children change the world.

We tested their knowledge on recycling in a special recycling quiz! Do you know how many double decker buses worth of paper are thrown away each year in the UK?* Ask Year 5 and see if they can remember! Did you know that 290 bags are given away to every single customer by supermarkets every year?  Did you know the average family throws away 6 trees worth of paper every year?


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May 30, 2014


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