Roman Medicine Roadshow – How the Medical Services have changed


Free Roman Medicine Roadshow funded by the Wellcome Trust!

Learn lessons of how medical science has changed with the Roman Medicine Roadshow.

The Roman Medicine Roadshow explores the history & archaeology of medicine and medical practices in Britain throughout the Roman occupation of Ad43- c410 and explores the medical treatment of pre- and post-Roman societies. the project is developed in partnership with educational experts, archaeologists and scientists in order to explore the historical impact of medical science, considering ideas and attitudes towards health, medicine and the human body in Roman society.

Whilst focussing on medical practices in the Roman period, the activities and resources designed for this project are cross-curricular in nature; engaging young people with history, biology, medicine, sociology and religion.




The project takes the form of a classroom based workshop, led by archaeologists who will engage pupils with a range of archaeological, historical and osteological evidence for medical practices. Whilst challenging the mind, these workshops are designed to be fun, multisensory and memorable.

Schools interested in booking a workshop with the Big Heritage team are encouraged to make contact early as places are already limited. Email for more details.


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January 19, 2014


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