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It’s a great feeling, when you put lots of time and energy into a project and you finally see the finished product. Whether it’s a new craft item or a new design – it’s a buzz to all us creatives when plans come together.

I spend many hours on a weekly basis researching craft activities for events and getting plans to work in the right way – even 5 years on, I am still learning and adapting our craft workshops to suit the needs of our clients. Every workshop and event is so different – from the people visiting, the craft activities provided , even the weather on the day.

Over the last few months, we have been planning for two educational days with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society – who run countryside days for primary schools across the Yorkshire area as well as organise the well known Great Yorkshire Show.

We love working with schools, so this was something really exciting for NEDay Crafts. We decided that a tree themed craft would be perfect for the school children, being fun and educational too.

So our mixed media tree collages were the activity, using tissue paper and lots of creativity.

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Then a few weeks ago, we were contacted by the local college, to have an art and design student on work placement with us – something else we had never had the privilege of doing before. So we jumped at the chance, knowing an extra pair of hands is always welcome, especially from another creative person.

So this week has seen both our educational countryside workshops and our college student work together in a fantastic way.

This is Stacey, photographed here before the schools arrived

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She was a fantastic help to NEDay Crafts and a credit to the college. We both loved every minute of the two days, although very tired afterwards.

It was so fantastic to see so many primary schools having fun and learning at the same time – from circus skills and rope making to learning about sunflowers and carrots, everyone had a great time.  We were so impressed by the school children who had fun with our tree workshops and they even took home the crafts they made.

It’s after two solid days of working with so many children,  that makes our business so important – creativity in children should be encouraged and cherished wherever possible.

We are always looking to work with more schools, encouraging creativity and helping them learn new skills, so when we were introduced to School Trips and Workshops last year, we loved what they were doing.

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School Trips and Workshops is an online directory of local trips and workshops for primary aged children in the Yorkshire area. Working with schools is a tricky one sometimes as schools want to work with businesses but are never too sure who and businesses want to work with schools, but maybe struggle to find the right contact or common ground.  So School Trips and Workshops help bridge that gap.

Their online directory is full of fantastic places to visit with schools as well as workshop providers going into schools to work with children. We are listed as one of those providers for creative workshops so make sure you have a browse around their website http://schooltripsandworkshops.co.uk

If you are a trip or workshop provider based in Yorkshire (or nearby) and would like to share what you do with local schools, please register and upload your listings directly.

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June 16, 2014


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